The Family and Key Players

The Shapira Family

Since the company was founded in 1935, the Shapira family has been a steady hand at the helm of Heaven Hill, through three generations and a multitude of changes to the industry. From the time the five founding brothers began the company after Prohibition, to its growth and diversification under second generation family members Max and Harry Shapira, to its current position as an acknowledged industry leader, Heaven Hill has always taken great pride in being family run. It has grown to be the nation’s largest independent family-owned producer and marketer of distilled spirit products. And with its third generation of family management now in place with Max Shapira’s daughter Kate S. Latts and her husband Allan Latts, the company’s unique position in the industry is assured into the future.

Heaven Hill, under the three generations of Shapira family leadership, has steadily built the business through internal brand development, line extensions, agency relationships and strategic acquisitions. Now the country’s seventh largest spirit supplier, much of the growth has come during Max Shapira’s tenure as president. Returning to his family business in 1971 after a period on Wall Street, Max has overseen a period of dynamic expansion in an often-turbulent industry climate. With an impressive portfolio of merchandisable brands in every category and strong long-term relationships within their channels of distribution, the third generation of the Shapira family is well positioned to continue and expand Heaven Hill’s unique position in the distilled spirits industry.

The Beam Family

For nearly a quarter-century, Heaven Hill Distilleries’ sixth-generation Master Distiller, Parker Beam, has been practicing his family’s craft for distilling, aging and selecting some of the world’s most critically-acclaimed Bourbons.

Nowadays, Parker is joined by his son Craig, who works alongside his father in much the same way as Parker did years before with his father, Earl. Together, the two are responsible for making sure the Bourbon that is produced at Bernheim Distillery possesses the same high quality and consistent taste consumers have come to expect from Heaven Hill’s Bourbon portfolio.

Park Beam, Parker’s grandfather and namesake, was the brother of James Beauregard Beam, better known as “Jim” Beam. It was Parker’s father, Earl, who was the first to ply his trade at Heaven Hill. Earl, in turn, turned the reins over to Parker in 1975. In doing so, Parker became the sixth generation Beam to earn the title Master Distiller. With Craig Beam entrenched in the business of distilling, the family’s continued legacy of making Bourbon is assured. Parker Beam began working at Heaven Hill in 1960 while Craig began work with the company in 1982.